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Logotype Design / Redesign

What Is a Logotype and Why Is It Important?

A logotype (or logo) is a fundamental identification of a company or a brand. In order to create a logo, a symbol and/or inscription. Its role is to remind the clients of your company in a simple way, and for you to stand out from the competition.

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In accordance with the afore-said, we can conclude that a logotype is one of the most simple, but also the most important advertisements that any responsible entrepreneur is ready to invest in.

An important feature of the logotype is its memorability. Its form, colour and symbol will remind your clients of all your qualities which you had presented them, and it will help you maintain a good reputation.

We live in the times of numerous products and services, and the companies that provide them. The companies wish to be recognized, which is the reason why the demand for a quality logo has been the highest so far.

 One of our competitors' common mistakes is the inability to adapt the logotype to different situations. Here at Aktiv Marketing, not only do we design a logotype in accordance with high-quality standards, but we also deliver it in all the document formats intended for printing on paper, textile, glass, as well as for engraving, online logo design etc.

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Logotype Redesign

Among the numerous logotypes we see every day, only a few fulfill their role. If your company has already got a logotype, ask yourself if this is a visual reminder you want to be recognized for. Drawing on our experience, we firmly believe that we can help you do that.