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Landing Page Marketing

Landing pages are lead capture pages which present a specific product or service. They are used for various purposes, but they all have one single aim, which is to bring a potential client and to drive traffic to your website, that is to encourage the client to send an inquiry.

Present a new product or service and be among the first ones on search engines! We will show you how to do that..


Landing pages should have a relevant content, with the aim of obtaining a clear message within the first few seconds, and encouraging action. This action can imply the sending of an inquiry, purchase of your product or service, signing up for the Newsletter, the registration with the customer database etc.

Such pages are used mostly for the paid advertisements which are always among the first ones on search engines. They are important because, if you have a new product, it is advertised the most easily through the landing page which is advertised additionally via the paid Google advertisements. Whoever searches for that product through search engines will first run into your advertisement and your landing page, which will immediately provide the user with the necessary information, encouraging the user to send an inquiry.

What is the Procedure of Creating Landing Pages?

  • A simple website should be created with an extremely modern and an eye-pleasing design
  • Then it is necessary to draft a clear and direct title, containing the keywords or relevant search terms
  • Emphasise only the essential facts, and do not fill the website with unnecessary text
  • Landing Page should have an inquiry form or a „Call to action“ button
  • Within the first few seconds, the user should recognize this as a „win-win“ situation for both of you: the user will get a quality product or service, and you will get the money in return
  • It is important to test the Landing Page at the end, create several advertisements and check which one has the biggest conversion.