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Google AdWords Advertising

What is Google AdWords?

Google has become the leading search engine. The 90% of Internet users use Google, which offers advertising space on their network, but on their partners' networks as well. The payment is carried out on the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) basis. It means that your advertisement is shown numerous times for free. When the interested user clicks on your advertisement which takes him or her directly to your website, it is only then that you will pay the price of that click.

Be in the first position on search engines! Ask us how.


How to estimate your budget for the Google AdWords campaign?

When you decide to advertise your company, before the creation of the advertising campaign it is necessary to take several steps in order for the campaign to be successful and generate profit. The steps to take are as follows:

  • Define your campaign objectives
  • Perform the analysis of keywords
  • Select advertising strategies
  • Determine your campaign budget
  • Create an advertisement

The Advantages of Google AdWords Advertising

  • Your advertisement is shown among the first ones in the search results
  • You have got the opportunity to expand your business, and to target a specific geographic area
  • You determine your daily and monthly budget yourself, and you can change it at any time
  • It is possible to track all the campaign results through the Google Adwords user interface
  • You can choose the time at which your advertisement runs, as well as the language

The created campaigns are tracked continuously, and we make changes in order to achieve a better advertisement optimization. Our agency has got a long-term experience in monitoring Google trends and changes in the Google AdWords interface. We are a Google Adwords Certified Partner. We will optimize your campaign so as to achieve the maximum results.

Advertise your company on the Google Search and Display Network, and use promotional coupons of 400 and 1000 HRK for each new user of Google AdWords!