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Special Offers / Newsletters Sending Systems

Aktiv Marketing is the agency which has developed its own systems for the sending of Newsletters and e-mails containing special offers. There are two different systems: one for the preparation and design of a special offer, and the other for the sending of e-mails.

The System for the Preparation of Your Special Offer

The system enables you to create an attractive offer in an easy and independent way, which you will later send to the e-mail addresses of your clients. There are numerous possibilities, such as: an easy text and image editing, the possibility of inserting links and setting the duration of the special offer, and editing of headers and footers, etc.

When sending multiple e-mails at the same time, even a thousand of them, it is very important that you do not have the same title, content arrangement, header and footer, because in this case web servers will consider your e-mails as spam. Those servers detect when someone sends a number of the same e-mails and consider them as annoying advertisements we receive daily, but they block those e-mails and advertisements and send them to the spam folder. We have designed a system which enables us to add more titles, a different content arrangement, different headers and footers in order for the servers not to send your e-mails into spam forlders, and in order for our clients to be able to receive them and read them on time.

It is also important that you have the inquiry form which we design in our Toscana Database System for each special offer you send to your clients. The inquiry form should be remarkable, and appear after each of the presented products, in case there are several of them. After you create a special offer, it is necessary for you to perform the final check, because the offer is ready to be sent. Read more about this system below.

The System for the Sending of Special Offers

Sustav omogućuje jednostavno slanje posebnih ponuda. The system enables an easy sending of special offers. It sends e-mails to an e-mail address every 2-4 seconds or depending on your choice, i.e., you can select the time period in which you want the system to send e-mails. You can send thousands of e-mails, dividing them within different systems in order to send them faster, especially if you are sending several tens of thousands of e-mails.

There is a possibility of sending customized e-mails, specifying the contact person within the company or you can send them to several unknown e-mail addresses with the aim of attracting potential clients.
If you decide to use our Toscana Database System to send your special offers, you will not regret it. Your e-mails will not end up in spam folders, and you will successfully reach new clients. For further information, feel free to send us an inquiry.