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The Administration of Websites by means of CMS & CRM Systems

Why are These Systems Important to the Website Owner?

Along with a quality design and responsivity, the administration of websites is one of the crucial criteria in deciding on the purchase of websites. The input of content, photographs, video materials, products, the tracking of marketing results and inquiries, the SEO optimization and similar activities need to be performed quickly and easily. If this is not done, the websites soon become outdated and forgotten, and therefore can pose a significant problem for their owners.  

Toscana CMS & CRM Systems

Content Management

CMS is the abbreviation for the Content Management System, which presents the system for facilitating the content editing and modifying. It is used in order to create, edit, organize ad publish various kinds of content related to your website. The content intended for publishing consists of text, image, audio and video records. The Toscana CMS system is designed in a way for all the clients to be able to learn quickly how it operates and use it. It is great, because the adding, modifying and updating of data is very easy : in just a few clicks you have another news on your website. You can also change header images (or rotating header images), add news and photo galleries, manage the product database, or, in brief, you can have the complete control over the website content in a simple an easy way!

The Search Engine Optimization Administration (SEO Administration)

Managing the SEO optimization elements on the websites with the purpose of achieving a better position on Google and the other search engines is not easy at all. However, in the Toscana CMS system these activities are carried out by means of a few simple clicks, for each individual website. We provide our clients with complete instructions on SEO optimization and achieving of a better position on the Google Search Engine, and with the Toscana CMS, the SEO administration of websites becomes child's play.

In the picture:  The CMS Administrative Interface Preview with the Links Menu.
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Managing Inquiries, Clients and Processes Within the Company

CRM is the abbreviation for the Customer Relationship Management, which is a system for managing the interaction of the company with its current and future clients. It is used in organizing business within the company and, depending on its version, it can perform multiple tasks and greatly facilitate business in the companies which use it, such as the tracking of inquiries received through the website (with the possibility of tracking all the other inquiries within the company). The inquiries can be arranged according to a certain salesperson if the company has got several employees. It is possible to see from which website, telephone contact or e-mail you received the inquiry, and through which form it was sent. The inquiries can also be listed according to the status, which can be successful, unsuccessful or pending. The system facilitates the administration and tracking of inquiries, but it also organizes the employees within the company and informs us on which employee is more successful that the other ones in communicating with clients and inquiry processing.

In the picture: The preview of templates for Newsletter Design using the Toscana CMS system.
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Depending on the CRM version you purchase, you will have the opportunity to organize your business at a high level, with the help of the following business modules:
a) Administration of the company's business contacts (Web Shop orders, all the company's clients, suppliers)
b) System for a fast design and sending of e-mails from the mailing list
c) System for a fast design and sending of customized e-mails to company's clients
d) Products (all the data, descriptions, prices, images, inventory database for the Web Shop, categorisation, search according to suppliers, codes, brands, categories etc.)
e) Project management system (tracking of orders and production, deliveries to clients, the archiving of data, designing of offers and invoices, automatic input, tracking and invoicing of orders received via Web Shop etc.)
The system is intended for achieving a better organization of business processes according to the following principle: „I want to be more efficient and faster, and to have everything under control!“ Read more about this in the section on Databases and CRM.